• Variazioni sulla Sequenza IV di LUCIANO BERIO
     Variazioni sulla Sequenza IV di Luciano Berio (2007) for fl., cl. in sib., vib., piano, vn., cello. The first forty-five seconds of the 'Sequenza IV’ for piano composed by Berio in 1965-1966, are the “Theme” on which the five variations for ensemble are constructed. In synthesis, the composition is a work (a “work in progress”) to meet the world of the solo sequences of Luciano Berio and my personal homage to his strong and original voice. First performance Philarmonie Luxembourg, Salle de musique de chambre, Lussemburgo, 20th July 2007 Ensemble Instrumental de l'Orchestre Philarmonique du Luxembourg Zsolt Nagy, direttore http://www.francescoparadiso.com/variazioni-luciano-berio-5.html?lang=en
  • Monologhi
     Monologhi (2001), for fl./bass fl. and piano. Streams of sound events, created in a indipendent way, are performed by two different instruments. The two parts change with the time, like two characters or two molologs - 'Sul blu', 'Sul giallo' infact it is clear the synthetic interest -. The theme of the composition is the passage from the sonorous conctat to the being, the creation of a unique entity of sound during the listening time. The third part - 'Sul rosso'- come back to the music, to the meter, to the coordination, to an emotion expressed by math. First performance Herrenhaus Edenkoben (D) 19th May 2002 Dagmar Becker, flauto, Fritz Schwingammer, piano http://www.francescoparadiso.com/monologhi-2.html?lang=en
  • Mediterraneo 36.2
     Mediterraneo 36.2 (2004), for clarinet in sib and Live electronics. The title of composition is referred to the average density of water of the Mediterranean Sea. The composition is characterized by a considerable numbers of figures, articulations, timbres and at the same time by different techniques and ways of production and processing of sound in real time. First performance ‘Concerti nel Chiostro 2004’, Conservatorio ‘Giuseppe Verdi’, Milano Milan, 8th July 2004 Paolo Casiraghi, clarinet http://www.francescoparadiso.com/848.html?lang=en
  • A sette con cadenza di vibrafono
     A sette con cadenza di vibrafono (2001), per fl., cl., vib., piano, vl., vn., cello. The composition is a small and chaotic microcosmos of sounds imagined at the moment of its formation and its final collapse. First performance Herrenhaus Edenkoben (D) 16th September 2001 Ensemble Aventure (Freiburg) Pedro Amaral, conductor http://www.francescoparadiso.com/a-sette-con-cadenza-di-vibrafono-2.html?lang=en
  • Frammento ungherese
     Frammento ungherese (2002), for piano. '[…] sarkaìg ès a Sziven' ('[…] poi avanti lungo il Cuore') Endre Kukorelly da JARAS (CAMMINATA), 1990 First performance Herrenhaus Edenkoben (D), 19th May 2002 Fritz Schwingammer, piano http://www.francescoparadiso.com/frammento-ungherese-7.html?lang=en
     Como canciòn de tierra y mar’ (2008), for clarinet in sib/bass cl., Live electronics interaction, digital sound file and ambisonic surround system. The composition is inspired by the Ladàta: an original musical text that belongs to the repertoire of traditional songs for more voices of Sicily. The work was composed for the residence of composition at the Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST) – Zürich (CH) First performance X. Weimarer Frühjahrstage für zeitgenössiche Musik
Weimar (D), 17th April 2009
 Lukas Vogelsang, clarinet http://www.francescoparadiso.com/%e2%80%98como-cancion-de-tierra-y-mar%e2%80%99-and-the-%e2%80%98ladata%e2%80%99-in-sicily.html?lang=en