HYMNE (Epifanie della forma interiore) (2005), for Organ. The strenght of the poetic "images" into Le Chemin de la Croix by Paul Claudel had always made a deep impression on my creative imagination. When the Cappella Musicale di Milano asked me to compose a piece for the international organ review Vespri d'organo in S. Maria della Passione during Lent, I could only choose the irresistible symbolism and the powerful dramatic tension of the "scene" and of the particular "form" of the cross. I could only choose the line of ancient Vexilla Regis pròdeunt. First performance Vespri d'organo in S. Maria della Passione, Milano 13th March 2005 Franz Comploi, organ http://www.francescoparadiso.com/hymne-2.html?lang=en
  • Variazioni sulla Sequenza IV di LUCIANO BERIO
     Variazioni sulla Sequenza IV di Luciano Berio (2007) for fl., cl. in sib., vib., piano, vn., cello. The first forty-five seconds of the 'Sequenza IV’ for piano composed by Berio in 1965-1966, are the “Theme” on which the five variations for ensemble are constructed. In synthesis, the composition is a work (a “work in progress”) to meet the world of the solo sequences of Luciano Berio and my personal homage to his strong and original voice. First performance Philarmonie Luxembourg, Salle de musique de chambre, Lussemburgo, 20th July 2007 Ensemble Instrumental de l'Orchestre Philarmonique du Luxembourg Zsolt Nagy, direttore http://www.francescoparadiso.com/variazioni-luciano-berio-5.html?lang=en
  • Profili d'onda
     Profili d’onda (2007), for prepared vibraphone and electronics (digital sound file). The title of the composition refers to the relation constructed in the work with the definite and symmetric motion of the most common forms of sound wave: the Sine wave, Square, Triangle, Saw-tooth wave. The graphic representation of four waveforms is used to build the profile of dynamics into three main parts, the graphic panels of the composition. [...] First performance Internationale Gesellschaft Für Neue Musik-Basel (IGNM) ‘Dialogpartner Xenakis’, Basel (CH), 22th May 2007 Domenico Carlo Melchiorre, vibraphone http://www.francescoparadiso.com/profili-donda.html?lang=en
  • Elettromorfosi
     ELETTROMORFOSI (2009-2010) sound samples of electric machines electronically processed ‘I take it that music is the art most fit to express the fine quality of machines. Machines are now a part of life, it is proper that men should feel something about them; there would be something weak about art if it couldn’t deal with this new content’. Ezra Pound, Antheil and the Treatise on Harmony, New York 1968. http://www.francescoparadiso.com/elettromorfosi-2.html?lang=en
     Spazio veneziano (work in progress), for Sounding tree, voice, Live electronics, digital sound file on an unspublished text by Luigi Nono Plunged into ‘sounding stations’ without perceiving them, Nono’s thought provokes the intent of listening. It indicates the intelligence which is intrinsically in the sound. The expanse of sounding bodies makes up a living frame, which is realized, perceived and held only by the will of listening. http://www.francescoparadiso.com/spazio-veneziano.html?lang=en
     Paolo Altieri - Organo in Sicilia Noto nel settecento, for Organo. The work of musicological research, is a large collection of unpublished compositions by Paolo Altieri, which was 'Maestro di Cappella of all churches of Noto' in Sicily. Paolo Altieri (1745-1820) was author of instrumental and sacred music, composer of the musical tradition of the Neapolitan school. http://www.francescoparadiso.com/paolo-altieri-organo-in-sicilia-noto-nel-settecento.html?lang=en